Yes, like I have a legit obsession with hitting the road, exploring new countries, and pushing my boundaries. And, get this. I do it alone! I am a solo female traveler and have the absolute time of my life. How could I not?

With over 30 countries under my belt, I’ve had some amazing experiences and have checked off tons of epic adventures from my always expanding bucket-list.

How can I manage to constantly travel? I ditched the nine to five life years ago, because a free spirit should never be tamed!!  Since then, I’ve become extremely creative with how I make my money, learned to be ever so resourceful when I’m on the road, and have thoroughly enjoyed my freedom while navigating my own way!!

Don’t worry. I’m not trying to rub it in!!

I’m here to teach you my best practices,
the tricks of the trade,
and inspire you to live a life you love
because you deserve nothing less!!

Let me help you get started become a world traveler today by giving
you my personal resources, tips, and shortcuts. Click below to get my free PDF
that covers everything from free flights, where to stay, safety, and beyond!

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